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About Me

My practice focuses on the notions of hypersexuality within race, specifically East Asian race. I’m interested in the idealised, imaginative, desired projections and representations of the subjective body. I’m curious about the intimacies in relationships, within the structures of society, and how it affects our own relationship to the self/selves, also in the narrative of different spaces- virtual, mental, imaginative - as an exploration of the dynamics within the spaces for these subjectified bodies that could be, that are, and that were. To find and create empowerment within existing and navigating a white patriarchal society, and to find an existence where it’s not about existing as not being white, but to identify and live as our own and not as being a missing of whiteness.
Currently my works is growing in forms of chapters and series of imageries and icons that comes from the energy of movement and dance of my experience of everyday life, from writings of songs, and thoughts from journaling and dreams.

Shows & Screenings

‘Aahh...I want Messy Bodies!’, Goldsmiths University, March 2017
Elmer X Messy Bodies workshop, Elmer, London, January 2018
Messy Bodies presents Hot Mess, Goldsmiths University, January 2018
Take Up Space, Goldsmiths University, February 2018
Litter Frog presents Sisters Make Film, White Hart, London, March 2018
NonDual presents: Project OneTake performance & film screening, White Hart, London,
March 2018
Being Together Is Not Enough, Five Years, London, May 2018
Goldsmiths BAFA Degree Show, June 2018
+ One, APT Gallery, London, September 2018
Why Print 3 Finale Printmaking Biennale, KC100 Art Space, Hong Kong 2022
Nothin' Like the Taste of Print, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong 2022
Impact 12 Conference, Bristol UWE, Bristol UK 2022

Writings & Publications

Oranges Zine, Volume 1, March 2017
Nuanced Zine, Volume 1, March 2018


Goldsmiths University of London, BA Fine Art, 2018
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